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From Titanic to Fukushima: The Logic of Man-Made Disasters.  - Vladislav Popeta, Dmitry Mun, Pavel Smolkov.

As a result of rapid and relentless progress during the 20th century, the civilizational world around us has turned into a global technosphere. The technosphere, in turn, has made mankind’s safety directly dependent on the reliable and accident-free operation of major industrial, chemical, nuclear and other energy-intensive facilities, together with metropolitan infrastructure and transport systems.

Man’s vulnerability and lack of protection in the face of ubiquitous man-made disasters are giving rise to a collective fear and uncertainty about the future.

But who is actually to blame for the fact that despite all that is done to prevent them, there are more and more explosions in nuclear power stations, factory fires, plane crashes, ferry disasters and derailments of ultra-modern trains? Where and how is the logic of today’s man-made disasters laid down?

This book attempts to provide answers to this and many other questions.

For specialists and general readers.

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